Hello and welcome to our single sourcing online training course. 

In this course we'll be covering 7 main topics. We're going to start by looking at some of the definitions so that we all understand what is meant by single sourcing and some of the other buzzwords that are associated with it. 

We'll then look at the reasons why you might want to take a single sourcing approach. 

And we'll also look at the situations when maybe it's a bad idea to go that route. 

And then we'll get into doing some activities. 

We'll start in module 4 by writing for reuse. How can you write in a way that's compatible with single sourcing? 

And then in module 5, we'll look at the different ways to write in an unstructured way, and in a structured way. 

And we'll look at what those two terms mean, how they differ, and how they affect the way that you would write and plan content that could be reused. 

And single sourced. 

In module 6, we'll look at planning the content. How to apply single sourcing and how to design for it? 

And then in module 7, we'll look at publishing and also in that section, we'll look at some of the tools and some of the different approaches that the tools use. 

So I hope you find this course useful, so let's dive in. 


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